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Bergen Remodeling utilizes only the highest-quality materials  and the most advanced techniques, ensuring that the end - result matches your dreams and expectations. With Bergen Remodeling, there are no remodeling nightmares!
Bergen Remodeling utilizes only the highest-quality materials and the most advanced   techniques,  ensuring  that
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the  end-result  matches  your  dreams
The Best Thing to Happen to your House
About Bergen Remodeling
For more than 16 years, Bergen Remodeling has been working closely with homeowners  to  remove the stress and improve the outcomes  of remodeling   projects. Serving  Bergen  County and Northern New Jersey, Bergen Remodeling is expert in converting
houses into dream homes. As a family owned and operated business (with the only female owner of a remodeling firm in the region) Bergen Remodeling is dedicated to providing the highest-quality services within our customer's budgets. We bring unrivaled educational credentials, a focused approach and a mission of treating each of our customers like a member of our family. Our family-owned business is not just a father and son working together. We believe our expertise comes directly from our family to yours.

What makes us diferent

We are remodelers. Remodelers are service companies, while builders are manufacturing companies
We do remodeling for living. We are not another “builder on training”. Additions & large renovations is our selected niche.
Our team is prepared to give you best and smoothest service without any communication problems while remodeling your home
Just like our clients, we are husband and wife team - and we can relate to your with all concerns, decision making, holidays, kids, budgets. It all happens with us too, except remodeling is not stressful for us.
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Bergen Remodeling is expert in counseling customers on techniques to increase the property's value without overspending. Before we begin, we will review your project to identify the most cost-effective remodeling options, discuss our alternatives and work with you to deliver exactly the results you dream of. We have significant knowledge in property values and use this expertise to help you determine how a remodeling project will impact your home's valuation. Whether you are hiring us or not we will teach you how to avoid construction nightmares. We are also offering two of the most advanced and cost efficient remodeling services: Design/Build and Modular Additions.
and expectations. With Bergen Remodeling, there are no remodeling nightmares!
Why Remodel with Bergen Remodeling?
• Smoothest project
• Excellent communication
• No finger pointing
• Process-driven weekly payment schedule
• Saving on overall project
• Professional scheduling & planning
• Husband & Wife managed company
• An Architect oversees Design/Build
• Strict adherence to timeline
• No surprises throughout the project
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