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room addition design in Rutherford & Paramus
Grow your home with your family
Even as your family grows, you don't need to move! Bergen Remodeling can help you expand your home to meet the needs of your growing family. Whether we work hand-in-hand with your architect, or utilize our expert architect, we can provide practical and cost-effective additions to your home.
An addition to an existing home requires a high level of expertise and education. No matter who is at fault, the homeowners almost always end up paying for a mistake. With Bergen Remodeling, our expert staff, including highly trained civil engineers and a certified construction scheduler, make sure the project goes exactly as planned.
Modular additions - future of remodeling!

Modular addition is newest option for owners of cape codes and ranches that always to add 2nd story in couple weeks without moving out.

Bergen remodeling is only remodeler offering modular additions.

Slide show on modular addition process:
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Add on with ease
With your convenience in mind, Bergen Remodeling has developed an approach that allows side, back, and second-story additions to be completed while your family remains in the house throughout construction. In many cases, you will be able to continue to utilize the adjoined room(s). We also offer custom-built modular additions through a select group of manufacturers, giving homeowners the fastest path to second-floor additions.
Whether it's an extra room or a new second floor, Bergen Remodeling works closely with our clients, helping you to make difficult decisions with confidence and holding your hand through the process. Bergen Remodeling is consistently recommended by realtors and architects for our ability to increase property values while eliminating the nightmares which can happen with remodeling projects.
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