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The Fastest and Most Effective Way to Remodel Until recently, design and build services were available only for industrial and government projects, but Bergen Remodeling is now providing this time and money-saving service to residential customers Our typical design and build project timeframe is a least six weeks faster then conventional remodeling, with fewer surprises and change orders. This guarantees the smoothest overall project for the same or less cost. Only a select few contractors nationwide offer the design/build service, and now Bergen Remodeling can provide this exclusive approach to you.

Bergen Remodeling is the only remodeling company with professional scheduler on staff, and your project will be supervised by a Civil Engineer. In addition to our professional staff, these two experts likely exceed the professional education and expertise of the entire organization of our competitors! This level of staffing ensures your project proceeds smoothly and on time.

Our secret is in visualizing the project though client's eyes, giving you exactly what you want, on-time and on-budget.
Design/Build projects are 6+ weeks faster
(see how schedules compare)
Definition of Design/Build
The rapid increase in the use of design-build around the country is a testament to the benefits of this project delivery system. Single point responsibility for design and construction gives the owner an opportunity to receive early commitments for total project cost and speedier project delivery - while at the same time lowering the potential for disputes and change orders. It also  makes design-build  the  system of choice when the success
of the project is dependent upon output, throughput and other performance guarantees. moreImage
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