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Whole house remodeling - Your dream house in your dream very neighborhood
Bergen Remodeling: living with fireplace and cathedral ceilings
Bergen Remodeling can provide the solution if you've found the perfect neighborhood, but not the perfect house! Save time house hunting throughout the old neighborhoods of Bergen County. We can help you obtain a housing bargain and get the house exactly the way you want it without the price and tax burden of new construction. We work closely with local Realtors and stay in the loop on the latest opportunities for remodeling an entire house the most desirable towns.
Many of our customers look to us to help them completely renovate houses before they move in. Our friendly, expert team ensures a renovation that proceeds smoothly and rapidly, allowing you to move in as soon as possible. We can work around family that lives in the house if needed.
Bergen Remodeling is one of the very few companies in the county who are structured and prepared to offer turn-key design/build remodeling. We are owned and operated by a husband & wife team with direct ties to Bergen County. As a family, we understand the concerns your family has about your home - the most important investment you will ever make. When you work with Bergen Remodeling, your project is treated as the most important project in the world: from our family to yours.
Avoid the remodeling nightmares!
Essentially all construction nightmares are caused by choosing a contract, not a contractor. We ensure your total satisfaction, in terms of price, timeline, quality and end result. With Bergen Remodeling, your dream home will come with no nightmares attached!
Kitchen additions and remodeling in Bergen County

Side additions by Bergen Remodeling
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